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GO! Start package

If you buy GO! Start package for BAM 4,00 you will get a bonus of BAM 4,00 on the main account expiring for 30 days after activation, as well as:

  • SIM card
  • User card (containing: SIM card serial number, your phone number, secret PIN and PUK codes and place for entering your password)
  • instructions

GO! Start packages could be acquired from authorized GO! free dealers.

GO! Tariff

Prepaid tariff for new, more favorable communication – GO! Tariff, is available for all those who want contract free communication with the best price list.

In order to buy GO! Tariff, you do not need any contract. It is enough to activate the purchased number and enter the world of new, better and more favorable communication. With this type of communication, you can control your costs completely and top up the account simply every time you need it.

Topping up the account

Your GO! Account could be topped up by buying electronic top up (e-top up) amounting to BAM 2, 3, 5, 10 and 20 through POS terminal sat authorized places. Validity period of GO! Account starts with the topping up date.

E-top up amount Validity period
BAM 2,00 10 days
BAM 3,00 10 days
BAM 5,00 30 days
BAM 10,00 60 days
BAM 20,00 60 days

Validity period of GO! account

If validity period of your GO! account expired, use of GO! Service will be enabled in the following way:

  • If you do not top up your account on time, within 120 days from the expiry date of the GO! free account, you will be able to receive calls and SMS when on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina only.
  • After the period of 120 days expires, in case you do not top up your GO! free account, you will be able to dial emergency numbers and free user number within 30 days period.
  • If you do not top up your GO! account after period of 150 days from the expiry date of the GO! account expires, you will use the remaining credit amount of the account. In such a case, you are entitled to submit a request for deactivation of the number within 30 days, otherwise your user status ends. If you spend the amount of your account while making outgoing call, the call will be interrupted.

GO! Tariff options

If you wish for controlled use of mobile net, choose one of offered tariff options:

Tariff option Assigned mobile net within tariff option Tariff option validity period Price in BAM (VAT excl.)
GO! net 1GB 1 GB 24 hours 1,00
GO! net 500MB 500 MB 10 days 5,00
GO! net 2GB 2 GB 30 days 10,00

Billing unit for data transfer service within tariff options for mobile net is 1KB.

Tariff options for mobile net could be bought through GO! menu, dialing code *777#.

Mobile net assigned within tariff options represent an amount of transferred data and could be used in network only, whereas Internet use of GO! service user is charged in line with current Roaming pricelist.

After the validity period of tariff options expires, you will be provided with possibility to use mobile net charges BAM 0.10 (VAT excl.).

During validity period of tariff options, you will be able to buy tariff options offered for several times.

If you buy tariff option of mobile net, and you already are a subscriber of certain tariff option, whose validity period expired, new amount of mobile net is added up to the existing amount of mobile net, whereas validity period is longer (more favorable) period than validity period of the existing tariff option.

After validity period of the existing tariff options expires, the remaining of mobile net is deleted.

GO! Menu

Seven is your lucky number!

Find your services at one place, dial *777# for GO! menu free of charge and find all you need.

Checking account

By checking account, you get an insight in all your money accounts (BAM) and bonus accounts (minutes, SMS, mobile net). You can also check your GO! account by dialing speed dial number *707#. All calls to this number are free of charge.

Friend number

Friend number is a service that provides you with possibility to choose up to 2 friend numbers from GO! network in an easy way and to talk with them for BAM 0*. First selection of Friend number is free of charge and any further selections or changes are charged BAM 3.00 (VAT excl.)
*only call establishment is charged in the amount of BAM 0.07 (VAT excl.)

Call me

This service provides you with possibility to inform a person you wish to receive a call from that amount of your account is not sufficient for making calls and to call you back. In order to use this service, your account amount should be less than BAM 0.09.

Parking payment

This service is meant for electronic paying of parking service of the city parking lots. Using this service, you can pay parking ticket through mobile phone simply and easily.