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Customer’s support

For all information and inquiries on call prices and prices of other services, account validity period and topping up, promotion offers, dial 067 1 777777 for GO! Customer’s support free of charge or you can contact us via email address support@gofree.ba.

Customer’s support is available for 24 hours.

Sales network

Go! Free number could be acquired at labeled booths and from authorized GO! free dealers throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.


1. Where can I buy Go! Free number?

If you still do not have GO! free card, go to the nearest booth labeled GO! free and by your GO! Start package and let GO! Adventure leads you to the world of new communication

2. How do I top up GO! account?

Your GO! Account could be topped up by buying electronic top up (e-top up) amounting to BAM 2, 3, 5, 10 and 20. Top up details are available here.

3. How can I check credit of my GO! account?

You can check your GO! account by calling the service on *777# for or by calling GO! Menu dialing speed dial number *707#. Both calls are free of charge.

4. What is the number for the fastest help and assistance?

Fast support is available for 24 hours by dialing 067 1 777 777 free of charge.

Instructions for activation

In order to activate GO! Free number, you need to call, send a message or dial *777# after you buy GO! Package.

When turning on your mobile device through GO! SIM card, it is necessary to enter PIN code to protect the card from abuse.

If you make mistake three times in entering PIN code, you need to enter PUK code. Be careful, mistaken enter of PUK code could block SIM card permanently.

Change of SIM card

If you would like to change unfunctional SIM card you can easily fill this form and we will send a new one right to your doors.

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