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Why Go! free?

You will fall in Love at the first sight.

If you want something new, if you want better and more favorable communication, you should choose GO! free and experience communication like never before.

GO! free provides you with unlimited freedom.

Finally, talks can be relaxed without thinking about costs, and bonus bought with start package will be enough to be delighted by new prepaid tariff.

GO! free could be topped up at almost any place, use is very simple and communication has never been better.

So, decision is simple: if you are looking for something new, something better and more favorable go for GO! free.

How to become a User?

If you still do not have GO! free card, go to the nearest booth labeled GO! free and by your GO! Start package and let GO! Adventure leads you to the world of new communication.

Transfer number

The request for number porting in GO! network you can submit in the Logosoft office located at Vilsonovo šetalište no. 9, 71120 Novo Sarajevo.

Free yourself and be part of the 067 network! Because...

It's time to feel the magic of unlimited and the best prepaid communications in BiH.
It's time to enjoy complete freedom.
It is time to completely control your costs.
It's time to GO! Free.